May 17

Development of hover board and its types

In olden days people used the bullock cart and horse for transportation purpose which takes the more time to travel from one place to another. After the development of bicycle they used this vehicle for travelling where bicycle riding is considered as a good exercise for the legs which would reduces the weight and maintains your health. As the technology is changed many vehicles have been developed and they are of two wheeler like bike scooter three wheeler like auto and the four wheeler like car lorry bus etc which are used by people for riding and to travel from one place to another. These vehicles function with the help of fuels like petrol and diesel. In this world now we are using the vehicles which operates in the electric current one among that is hover boards which is a fictional levitating board used for personal transportation and hover boards are generally a resembles of skate boards without the wheels and this hover boards are also used for many purposes. At first it is difficult to balance standing on the hover boards and the users must have the practice in using the hover boards to avoid from getting accidents and there are variety of hover boards are available in the market. The hover boards are available with and without handle and hover boards with handles are used and liked by many of the people because with handle it is easy to travel safely by holding the handle and it has longer service life and top performance because of these it is enormously well liked in the market and in which it is available at affordable price and have less maintenance. Segway hover boards with handle offers the high quality hover boards with handle that is enormously employed in the market for many purposes and its nature of type is sturdy and durable and a self balancing scooter or two wheeled board scooter are referred as hover boards. This type of hover boards are compact easy to recharge the battery these scooters typically consists of two wheels placed parallel to each other in a small space between the two wheels in which rider needs to stand and the device is controlled by the riders feet standing on the built in gyroscopic.

How do the hover boards or self balancing scooter works

Self balancing scooters some components are considered as important among them the foremost one is the gyroscope which is used to indicate the balance of the machine and there is a built in motor that keeps the board balanced and move it forward and the microprocessors are there to manage power output given to the motors and large batteries to fuel the device. The most important function of a self balancing scooter is remaining upright in order to do this microprocessors in the vehicle monitor the direction of a rider whether he is leaning or not and the gyroscope is connected to the microprocessors which helps to gather the information about the tilt of the hover boards. Motors inside the board change the power output to keep the rider balanced and every self balancing scooter differ to each other due to their battery microprocessor even in their motor Thus the hover boards are used by everybody and in foreign countries and they use this board for travelling from one place to another in which turn reduces the usage of vehicles for small distance which are running in fuel thus by reducing the consumption of fuel.

Jan 17

Where to get the best gym flooring

Most people who are setting up a gym or fitness centre will decide they need to purchase gym flooring or rubber mats. These thick rubber mats absorb shock and prevent damage to both flooring and equipment, at a relatively low cost.

Ranging in thickness, matting has a number of uses, including reducing health and safety risks, which can often occur, especially in a gym environment. Choose a mat that not only looks well, but that is also functional, as you will want it to last. Rubber gym flooring usually comes in 1sqm sizes, allowing for easy installation and fitting, although you may want to check first with your supplier, there are usually and number of thicknesses available also.

Jan 17

weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition

We all know that weBoost is one of the best brands when it comes to mobile phone signal boosters, right? They provide mobile phone signal boosters for a variety of use case scenarios such as homes, offices, and even your car.

But, what if you want a mobile phone signal booster that can be installed in a truck? weBoost also has that as well.


In this article, I will talk about the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition. If you own a truck, I highly recommend this product.

Anyway, what does the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition have and why is it tailor-made for the truck?

Well, the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition has an amazing 50dB mobile phone signal booster which, according to the company, is the fastest and highest gain signal booster they’ve ever made for use in vehicles.

Furthermore, the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition supports 4G LTE as well 3G and 2G signals as well.

But probably the most defining feature of the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition is its “rugged” external antenna.

You see, most trucks always travel across large distances and they might be subject to different and harsh weather conditions.

Because of this, the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition comes with a rugged external antenna that can withstand the elements; whether it be heavy rains or severe hot weather.

The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition is well built and it truly shows on the product. When you order this mobile phone signal booster, everything that you need to install this thing is already included in the product.

If you are interested to know how to install the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition, then here are the installation instructions:

1. The external antenna of the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition is mounted in a unique way. It can either be mounted on your side mirror or you can mount it at the back of the truck itself. You can get desired results either way, so just choose how you want to install the external antenna.

2. After installing the external antenna, route its cable inside of your truck.

3. Mount the internal antenna and the signal booster itself somewhere convenient and out of reach.

4. Power on the device with the included power adapter and wait until the green LEDs light up. After which, you can now enjoy amplified signals wherever you go!

The weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition’s external antenna is actually quite powerful having 15dB of gain. This means that no matter where you go, you will always have consistent and reliable signals.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that both the internal and external antennas are omnidirectional which means that you can rebroadcast and grasp signals in a 360-degree range.

With amazing durability, powerful signal amplifier, and 4G LTE support, the weBoost Drive 4G-X OTR Truck Edition is definitely a product that you want to install on your truck.

Oct 16

Feel the Olympic Vibe With the New Overwatch Patch!

Just when I was going to play Overwatch last night, a hefty 580MB patch was released. Looking at the patch notes prior to the update, there were nothing new that was posted.

But, once I entered the game after the update, I was instantly greeted with the new Olympic vibe! When you enter the game after the update, you will be greeted with Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio all wearing Olympic-inspired apparel.

It turns out that the new Overwatch Patch is their first “seasonal” patch and this time, it features the Rio Olympics.

August is the month where the Rio Olympics will take place. Starting from August 2 until August 22, players will be able to get special loot boxes that contain different Olympic-inspired goodies such as new skins, logos, and player icons.

To instantly hook you in, you will be given 1 free loot box. The good thing about every loot box is that you will always be given an Olympic-inspired item. This ensures that you will be getting those coveted skins in no time if you just have a lot of loot boxes.

For people who do not want to do the usual grind, you can dish out some money to buy loot boxes instead. If you want to buy the biggest package deal of 50 loot boxes, you only have to pay $40.

Other than the Olympic-inspired loot boxes, players will also be greeted with a new Brawl called the “LucioBall”.

This pits players in a 3v3 football field where each player will control Lucio. Lucio’s abilities have been tweaked in order to fit the game.

For example, Lucio’s main attack will be his fists and you will use that to advance the ball. Lucio retains his alternative attack and you can instantly use it to advance the ball even farther than his main attack.

Players will also have to take note that Lucio’s crossfade ability now only affects him and not his entire team. Be sure to use that to your advantage.

Just like any other major patch, players will have to remember that previous loot boxes that they have amassed prior to the patch will not have the new Olympic-themed content.

That is because Jeff Kaplan said that the loot box content is already pre-determined so any new content that’s applied will not be applied on the previous loot boxes.

If you want to get a hold of the Olympic-inspired stuff, you need to either grind for the loot boxes by leveling up or pay by utilizing the in-game shop. Once the event ends, the content will be gone for good and you will have no chance to get them.

To tell you honestly, the new patch is an absolute treat. I love the Olympic-inspired costumes and I really hope to get all of them before the event expires.

If you’re an Overwatch player, be sure to fire up your Battle.net application and allow it to install the update (it is a little bit hefty at 582MB).

May 16

Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Low Mobile phone signal reception is actually quite common, especially now since a lot of people are using their mobile phones to do a lot of things.

If you’re the type of person who uses their mobile phones for the majority of the day, you’ve probably come across times wherein you suffer from low mobile phone signal reception.

What are the symptoms? Well, if you’re streaming media using your mobile phone, for example, you may experience slow loading times and frequent buffering of the said media.

This can be really frustrating especially when you’re watching a very important TV series. Who wants their media-streaming experience interrupted, right?

Well, if you’re using your mobile phone to do a variety of different things and it uses your service provider’s signal, it is time to seriously consider getting a mobile phone signal booster.

But as with other things, there are a lot of mobile phone signal boosters out there. Which one should you choose?

In this article, I will recommend to you a really powerful mobile phone signal booster. Although this signal booster is pricey, you are assured that you’re getting a quality product.

The mobile phone signal booster I am going to talk about is the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster.

The Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is a signal booster that can boost 4G LTE signals.

The advent of the 4G LTE is a godsend for many people because aside from its really fast data transfer speeds, it is also very reliable.

Unfortunately, 4G LTE still suffers from the same problem as with other mobile phone signal technologies, and that is low mobile phone signal reception.

That is where the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster comes in. This signal booster is adept at boosting 4G LTE signals as well as other previous signal technologies (2G, 3G).

The Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster has an impressive range as it can cover up to 7,500 sq.ft. That is pretty much good enough for people who live in mansions and offices.

Furthermore, the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster makes use of a yagi-directional antenna. This is beneficial for people who are situated more than 30 miles from your mobile phone service provider’s cell towers.

When you order the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster, you get everything you need in order to make this work.

There is an included instructional manual that has all of the complete instructions you need to set this signal booster up and running.

What I also love about the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is that it automatically adjusts its parameters to work efficiently without user intervention.

Previous mobile phone signal boosters require you to tinker with the settings which can be cumbersome for people who are not tech-savvy.

All in all, the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is an impressive mobile phone signal booster.

If you want to eliminate the problem of low mobile phone signal reception, the Wilson Pro 463127 Mobile Phone Signal Booster is an excellent choice.

Mar 16

Real Racing 3 Game for iOS

Are you familiar with Daytona 500? It is a yearly racing car show that is very popular in the states side. It features a lot of cars racing along the track and whoever crosses the finish line after a given set of laps wins.

Daytona 500 is one of the most popular car racing shows in the world. It is very entertaining to watch all these amazing cars battle it out to win the coveted Daytona 500 title and the chance to win some amazing cars by doing so.

Now, you do not have to join the actual Daytona 500 event to enjoy the thrill of the race because there is a game for iOS mobile phones that simulates everything you normally see on the said popular race event.

The Real Racing 3 Game for iOS mobile phones is a very good simulation of the popular Daytona 500 Racing competition.

There are a lot of features to this game and we will talk about all of them in this article. The first thing we need to talk about is the actual racing portion of the game.

During your initial race, if you win even when just placed at the 3rd spot, you will instantly get 4 NASCAR stock cars. This allows you to change your default car into something that’s more appealing to race with.

Now, in every sport, there are always some legends that are born. In the Real Racing 3 Game for iOS mobile phones, you can relive what these legends were known for. You can race alongside Daytona 500 legends such as Kevin Harvick, Matt Henseck, and Joey Logano, among others.

You do not have to imagine racing against these legends because this game can simulate that for you. Of course, since these are Daytona 500 legends we are talking about, expect to have some really tough time beating them. Still, if you do beat them, it is one of the ultimate bragging rights.

Also, since this is a simulation of the original Daytona 500, there are over 17 licensed tracks you can choose. 17 different stages to choose from is overkill but, at least, the game will be more dynamic since you can change the scenery as well as the feel while you’re racing.

Playing the Real Racing 3 Game for iOS mobile phones will net you some awesome awards. You can earn in-game currency and you can use it to buy new cars and custom upgrades. You not only earn in-game cash but you also have the chance to receive some highly coveted Daytona 500 cars as well. So be sure to race a few times to get some really nice cars.

Lastly, the Real Racing 3 Game for iOS mobile phones has a seamless integration of Apple’s other products such as the Apple TV and Apple Watch.

The Real Racing 3 Game for iOS can also connect to the internet so you can race with other people from all over the world. If you’re looking to play this game on a mobile data connection, though, you need to buy a mobile phone signal booster so that you will not experience any lag whatsoever.

The Real Racing 3 Game for iOS is free to download with in-app purchases. This game is available in the Apple App store.

Jan 16

Slim ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a snappy mobile phone. It has the right feature set that any mobile enthusiast would love and it also has an amazing camera and processor for people who just want to have an awesome phone right off the bat.

But, as powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be, the basic operating system it comes with may not be suitable for all. You see, a lot of people hate the TouchWiz UI interface. This is the basic interface you get when you use Samsung mobile phones.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were to get a slimmer version of the Android operating system? And, wouldn’t it be nice if you can add a little bit more functionality to it, other than the default?

In today’s article, I will suggest to you a custom ROM tailor made for the Samsung Galaxy S5. The SlimKat ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of the most popular custom ROM for the mobile phone.

Why do people love SlimKat? Well, it is because SlimKat is a slimmed down version of the Android KitKat (Android KitKat is the ROM that the Samsung Galaxy S5 comes with). The ROM is slimmed down in a sense that all of the pre-installed crapware are gone, leaving you with a clean and bloat-free operating system.

What’s more, there are a few nifty things that were added to the custom ROM as well; such as the ability to tweak system settings such as the Custom Kernel, for example.

So, what should you do to install the Slim ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S5 mobile phone? Here are all the things that you should do:

  1. Download the latest version of the Slim ROM from their official website. Make sure that you download the appropriate version for the appropriate model of the phone (in this case, a Samsung Galaxy S5). Why is the version so important? This is because if you flash a ROM that is not intended for your mobile phone, you will instantly brick your phone when flashing the ROM. Brick is a term that is used for phones that are only for paperweight because the system is unable to start.
  2. Root your phone and Install a custom Recovery. You can use ClockWorkMod or TWRP, they work both pretty well.
  3. If you’re using CWM, do a factory reset, wipe cache, and format system
  4. If you’re using TWRP, go to the Advanced Wipe section and wipe dalvik, cache, system, and data
  5. Download Gapps or Google Apps and put this, along with the Slim ROM file, into the root of your SD card.
  6. Flash the Slim ROM
  7. After successful flashing of the ROM, flash Gapps
  8. Reboot and wait for a couple of minutes and you’re good to go!

Always remember to download the appropriate ROM for your phone as failure to do so would result into a brick.

If you want to have a barebones custom ROM for your Samsung Galaxy S5, the Slim ROM is a good choice.

Dec 15

Medialink WiFi Range Extender

Do you want a simple WiFi Range Extender that can help you eliminate deadspots in your home or office? If so, you may want to look at the Media link WiFi Range extender.

To know more about this cool looking WiFI Range extender, let’s take a look at its features:

  • Extend any existing WiFi network or create a new network
  • Internal antennas & wall mounting to save desk space
  • (4) 10/100 Mbps LAN ports for wired connections
  • QoS traffic prioritization for smooth performance
  • Stylish LED's identify your connection status
  • Wireless transmission speeds up to 300Mbps (not the same as download speeds)

First, we are going to talk about its design and aesthetics. The Medialink WiFi Range extender dons an oblong-shaped design that doesn’t really take up so much space. In fact, this WiFi Range extender can be wall-mounted so that it will be obtrusive and you can save space.

The Medialink WiFi Range extender does not come with external antennas, but do not be fooled, this is a powerful WiFi Range extender which can boost Wireless N signals, boasting of amplified signals of 300MBps speeds.

This WiFi Range Extender has two built-in internal antennas which do a pretty good job in amplifying existing WiFi signals.

The beauty of the Medialink WiFi extender is that it can act as a WiFi Range Extender, or it could also act as a Router in itself. It comes with 4 Ethernet Ports for wired connectivity and it also has QoS traffic prioritization as well. Games will be given priority; downloads are given the backseat. Of course, all of this can be tweaked in the WiFi Extender’s GUI.

The Medialink WiFi extender also has some stylish blue LED lights to let you know if this product is working. This is especially beautiful to look at when it is nighttime. It barely takes up any space at all, making this the perfect WiFi Extender if you want to eliminate deadspots in your home or office.

With all of that being said, what do customers have to think about the Medialink WiFi Range extender? Here are some customer reviews:

Javier: "The Medialink Wifi range extender looks very sleek and stylish and I love the fact that it is very easy to install. In less than 2 minutes, I was able to have this baby up and running and it boosted my Wifi signals right off the bat. I really love the aesthetics of this wifi extender as I usually love to browse the web at night. The blue LEDs really accentuate the look and feel of my house. This wifi range extender is really amazing."

Mario: “The Medialink Wifi range extender is a very good contender. It has impressive wifi range and it can also act as a standalone router. I am also pleased with the design as it barely takes up any space and I love the fact that it can be wall mounted as well. I am surprised as to why this range extender doesn’t get that much attention because I am telling you right now, this is a really good wifi extender. Eliminate deadspots with the help of the Medialink Wifi range extender.”

The Medialink WiFi range extender is a really good wifi extender that can eliminate deadspots in your home and office. This wifi range extender costs only $18.

Nov 15

Creatine: Should you Take it or Not?

Nothing beats the power of lean muscle mass in helping to burn fat. You get lean muscle by doing weight training and eating lean protein. But, did you know that by taking this supplement, you will have a lot more lean muscle mass in a shorter period of time?

I am talking about Creatine. What is it? And, why are people talking about it? Well, Creatine is a naturally occurring substance that can be found in our bodies. This substance is usually used by our bodies whenever our bodies undergo stress, such as the case when you’re doing heavy lifting.

Creatine converts ADP (Adenosine Diphosphate) into ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate). ATP supplies us with the much needed energy we need to power up our bodies so that we could either increase our reps, or do more sets of weight training.

In short, Creatine not only helps you get lean muscle mass, but it also increases your strength and recovery as well.

You’re probably thinking of buying a Creatine supplement after what I’ve just said, but bear with me here. Before you go out to the supplement store to buy Creatine, you have to know that there are different types of Creatine.

There are a lot of brands that showcase different types of Creatine, but the only Creatine you really need is Creatine Monohydrate. Most supplement manufacturers incorporate Creapure, which boasts of 99.99% pure creatine monohydrate.

Why only Creatine Monohydrate and not the other types? Well, Creatine Monohydrate is the only form of Creatine that has been extensively researched. It is proven time and again to increase strength, improve recovery, and it also helps with lean muscle growth.

Also, Creatine Monohydrate is probably the cheapest form of Creatine there is. Optimum Nutrition’s creatine monohydrate retails for only $12 for 114 servings,.

That being said, how much do you really need? Well, there are mixed answers to this. A lot of people say that if you want to feel the immediate effects of Creatine, you have to undergo a “loading” phase. What this means is that you will ingest as much as 20g of Creatine per day for a week. After that, you then undergo the “maintenance” period wherein you only take 5g of Creatine per day as maintenance. Whichever you prefer, then go for it.

creatineNow, there are some critics who say that taking Creatine is not safe. The people who are against Creatine supplementation say that it can cause irreparable damage to the liver. Others say that it is a form of cheating, and it is just a placebo effect.

But, I am here to smash those myths altogether. You see, Creatine is probably the most well-researched out of all the bodybuilding supplements out there. It has been consistently found that it does wonders in increasing your strength and overall lean muscle mass.

So, if you want to attain a leaner and muscular physique, be sure to try Creatine Supplements. For best results, eat 1g of protein for every pound of body fat and take 5g of Creatine per day.

Dec 14

Read more on the R4 3DS

Flashcarts aren't a new invention—they've been around for years. Although the 3DS does receive software updates that, at times, renders flashcarts unusable, the R4 3DS is still perfectly usable with the handheld device. Nowadays, flashcart manufacturers stay on top of the 3DS' firmware updates, ensuring that their flashcarts aren't obsolete or rendered unusable.

Lots of people have questions to ask about the R4 3DS—luckily, that's why we're here to answer more of the most frequently asked questions about the device. And, we're certainly not done answering questions about this tricky and handy little device.

In this series of articles, we're going to answer even more of the most frequently asked questions about the R4 3DS. And, this article, we're going to look at some more of the R4 3DS' handy functionality.

Some More Frequently Asked Questions ~ The R4 3DS

The R4 3DS squeezes every bit of functionality that it can out of the Nintendo 3DS—and, that's something that we've certainly been stressing in our last three articles. We touched upon it briefly, but are only really getting to it now: the elephant in the room. And what's that?

The cheat function, of course.

Although popular cheat devices like the Action Replay are decreasing in popularity (mainly due to ever updating firmware), the R4 3DS restores some cheat capabilities to the handheld—for those who like cheating in games on their own time.

AR Cheat

The cheat menu can be selected through the Game Interface menu. This section allows users to enter in cheat codes and use other features that extends the functionality of the device's cheat capabilities. The bottom screen will show the current game name (if its inserted), the cheat function setting, the cheat function's switch, file save and a reminder window.

Touching the cheat button will turn cheats on and off, while touching the file save button will save the current file.

The cheat menu naturally gives you access to a full list of cheats, provided you already have your game inserted into the Action Replay. Use the directional pad to scroll through the menu of cheats; you can use the A button to expand and close the categories.

Active cheats can be selected one by one by using the directional pad; select a cheat by pressing the A button. If you don't want to use certain cheats, you can delete the cheat.dat file in the device's menu.

Note: The R4 3DS cheat database updates from time to time, adding new cheats to the already extensive cheat menu. You can download the newest cheats from the manufacturer's website – in this case, R4 3DS.net – and copy the usrcheat.dat file to the device.