Oct 16

Feel the Olympic Vibe With the New Overwatch Patch!

Just when I was going to play Overwatch last night, a hefty 580MB patch was released. Looking at the patch notes prior to the update, there were nothing new that was posted.

But, once I entered the game after the update, I was instantly greeted with the new Olympic vibe! When you enter the game after the update, you will be greeted with Tracer, Zarya, and Lucio all wearing Olympic-inspired apparel.

It turns out that the new Overwatch Patch is their first “seasonal” patch and this time, it features the Rio Olympics.

August is the month where the Rio Olympics will take place. Starting from August 2 until August 22, players will be able to get special loot boxes that contain different Olympic-inspired goodies such as new skins, logos, and player icons.

To instantly hook you in, you will be given 1 free loot box. The good thing about every loot box is that you will always be given an Olympic-inspired item. This ensures that you will be getting those coveted skins in no time if you just have a lot of loot boxes.

For people who do not want to do the usual grind, you can dish out some money to buy loot boxes instead. If you want to buy the biggest package deal of 50 loot boxes, you only have to pay $40.

Other than the Olympic-inspired loot boxes, players will also be greeted with a new Brawl called the “LucioBall”.

This pits players in a 3v3 football field where each player will control Lucio. Lucio’s abilities have been tweaked in order to fit the game.

For example, Lucio’s main attack will be his fists and you will use that to advance the ball. Lucio retains his alternative attack and you can instantly use it to advance the ball even farther than his main attack.

Players will also have to take note that Lucio’s crossfade ability now only affects him and not his entire team. Be sure to use that to your advantage.

Just like any other major patch, players will have to remember that previous loot boxes that they have amassed prior to the patch will not have the new Olympic-themed content.

That is because Jeff Kaplan said that the loot box content is already pre-determined so any new content that’s applied will not be applied on the previous loot boxes.

If you want to get a hold of the Olympic-inspired stuff, you need to either grind for the loot boxes by leveling up or pay by utilizing the in-game shop. Once the event ends, the content will be gone for good and you will have no chance to get them.

To tell you honestly, the new patch is an absolute treat. I love the Olympic-inspired costumes and I really hope to get all of them before the event expires.

If you’re an Overwatch player, be sure to fire up your Battle.net application and allow it to install the update (it is a little bit hefty at 582MB).